COVID-19 Recovery

Phase 5 Update

The Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre will be following all provincial phase 5 protocols.


Masks and social distancing will be required in our facility until further notice.


As of October 4th, proof of vaccination and Government Issued ID will be necessary to enter the building.


Walking track reopens on Tuesday, October 5th 8am.


The track hours will be 8am-5 pm Monday to Friday and closed evening and weekends.


Skating to resume Wednesday, October 6th

  • Parent & Tots – 9am
  • Seniors – 10 am
  • Public – 12 pm

Skating will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday and cost will remain at $3.


June 15, 2021


Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre will reopen Wednesday, June 16th, following Phase 2 Protocols.



Facility: Monday – Friday, 6AM – 8PM and Saturday – Sunday, 8AM – 5PM
Skate shop: Monday – Friday 10AM-6PM (Closed Saturday & Sunday)



  • Max capacity on the ice is 10 (coaches are included in the 10). Example would be 8 skaters, 1 goalie and 1 coach
  • All renters must contract trace all participants
  • No spectators allowed in the facility
  • No showers at this time
  • No games allowed, only skill development practices are permitted
  • Masks must be worn at all times, except on the ice
  • No public skating
  • Walking track remains closed
  • No food our beverage permitted


April 24, 2021


It has just been confirmed to us in Membertou by Nova Scotia Public Health that the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre is a potential exposure site for COVID-19. An individual who has now tested positive for COVID-19 was in our facility Saturday April 17, 2021, and Sunday April 18, 2021.


Please be advised that if you were in the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre during the following dates and times, that it is mandatory for you to isolate until receiving a negative test result:


  • SUNDAY APRIL 18, 2021 – BETWEEN THE TIMES OF 12:45 P.M – 5:15 P.M.


If you were in our facility during these times please isolate, book a COVID-19 test, and continue isolating until you receive a negative test result.


We understand the individual who has tested positive is now isolating, and is NOT a member of the Membertou community.

The Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre will remain closed, and will undergo a deep cleaning and sanitizing process. More details on the reopening this facility in the coming days/week will be released as we ensure that the facility is safe to reopen. The staff of the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre will also be tested as a precautionary measure. The Membertou YMCA will also remain closed during this time.


The health and safety of our community and staff remains our number one priority, and we appreciate the cooperation of community, staff, and our patrons in doing their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


Further updates will be provided in the days to come.



Chief Terry Paul

COVID-19 Update

April 22, 2021


With the increase in Covid-19 cases within our area over the last 2 weeks, we are tightening things up to help limit the amount of people within our facility, so effective Thursday, April 22nd the following rules will come into effect.


1. Players are to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before practice and leave 10 minutes after. For games they can arrive 30 minutes before and leave 15 minutes after. All players must be screened for contact tracing.


2. Spectators limits for practice is one per player and for games it is two per player. Spectators can enter facility 5 minutes before ice time and must exit the facility after the ice time (no waiting in the lobby). All spectators must be screened for contract tracing by the home team and must be seated during ice time, no standing.


3. Masks must be worn at all times within the facility, including the dressing rooms. Players and coaches can only remove masks when heading onto the ice.


4. No food or beverage is permitted within the facility.


5. Social Distancing of 6 feet must be followed at all times.


Failure to follow the Covid-19 protocols will result in loss of ice times.


Thank you for your cooperation.



Paul Carroll, General Manager, Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre

Rink Rules

November 24, 2020

Phase 2: Hockey Update

September 25, 2020


Please see below for a message from Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre General Manager, Paul Carroll.


The Department of Health gave hockey families and facilities some much needed good news, this week. Effective as of October 1st the following update rules will be in place at the Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre.


  • Maximum capacity on the ice without social distancing is now 50. Masks must be worn by all players and coaches until they get onto the ice.


  • Players in U13 and above will no longer be required to wear their gear to the rink. Players U11 and below will still be required to wear their gear to the rink (goalies are the exception). Players are to arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before ice time and leave no later than 15 minutes after ice time. They must check in with the team safety office and complete the Covid-19 forms.


  • For practices and tryouts, one guardian will be permitted to watch in assigned seating area where social distancing and mask policy must be followed. Parents must wear masks while in the facility, including in the stands. The home team is required to track all players and parents in the facility for contact tracing purposes.


  • For games (exhibition and regular season) the capacity of the Emera Rink is 100 and the BMO Rink is 60. Parents must follow social distancing and mask policy at all times in the facility. We ask that parents refrain from entering the rink until 5 minutes before ice time and leave as soon as the game concludes. They can wait for their players outside or in their vehicles. Waiting in the lobby will not be permitted.


  • The player drop-off zone in the front of our building is for drop-off only, not pickup. Please refrain from parking in this area other than when dropping players off.


The change in rules and the increase in numbers is welcome news, though it is our responsibility to ensure everyone follows them. If the rules are not being adhered to, teams/renter may lose their ice time and violators will ask to leave the facility. I am happy to announce this positive news and look forward to everyone following the rules and enjoying our great game.


Thank you for your cooperation.



Paul Carroll, General Manager, Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre

Phase 2: Public Skating & Walking Track Update

September 25, 2020


As of Monday, October 5th we will be opening the walking track, as well as introducing an updated public skating schedule. Due to Covid-19 protocols, there will be some changes, please see below for details.


Public Skating

Public skating will begin on Monday, October 5th. Please see schedule below:


Senior Skating – $3

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am-12pm


Parents and Tots – $3

Tuesday and Thursday 10-11am


Public Skating – $3

Tuesday and Thursday 11am-12pm


Pick up Hockey – $10

Tuesday and Thursday 12-1pm


All skaters entering the facility must be wearing a mask and can only remove it once on the ice. Skaters are also asked to sign in at the reception desk, for contact tracing purposes. The increase in price is due to the increased staff and cleaning products required to meet public health protocols.




Walking Track

The walking track will reopen on Monday, October 5th.


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday from 6am-4pm (closed Saturday & Sunday)


Walkers will be required to wear masks on the track and practice physical distancing. Walkers will also be asked to sign in at the reception desk, for contact tracing purposes.


Thank you for your cooperation.



Paul Carroll, General Manager, Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre

Phase 2

August 18, 2020


RE: Updated Regulations for Spectators at Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre


Dear Valued Patrons,


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused our facility to closely monitor our daily operations, and remain flexible to the ever-changing provincial and community regulations.


As of August 10, 2020, we have both ice surfaces operating at the Membertou Sport & Wellness Centre, however due to many spectators not following our facility’s COVID-19 distancing rules, and our responsibility to adhere to public health protocols, we are updating our operations as of Monday August 24, 2020.


Beginning on Monday August 24, 2020, parents, guardians and spectators of any kind are not permitted to watch practices, camps, or play.


An exception to this rule is parents/guardians of the U7-11 leagues and younger (IP, Novice and Atom). One parent or guardians will be permitted to take their player into the facility, assist them with necessary equipment (skate tying, securing helmets, etc.), and then will be kindly asked to respect the rules and leave their child to go on the ice, and return to pick them up in the parking lot following their ice time.


We understand this may cause some initial getting used to on the part of players and the parents/guardians. However, to adhere to the necessary regulations, it’s a step we must take to ensure the safety of our community. It’s a step we must also take to ensure our facility can remain open during these uncertain times.


This rule in no way impacts ice times – all practices and play will continue as scheduled.


We thank those spectators who did respect the rules from the outset, and hope you can understand our responsibility to ensure health and safety for all.


If or when the provincial regulations loosen, we will be reassessing our ‘no spectators’ policy and will provide an update to our patrons at that time.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.



Paul Carroll, General Manager, Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre

Richard Paul, Chief Operating Officer, Membertou Development Corporation

Phase 1

The Membertou Sport and Wellness Centre will open on July 6, 2020 with the following guidelines:


The following steps will be followed at MSWC for Phase One:

  • One ice surface will be put in for phase one
  • Maximum on the ice 20 includes players and coaches (2 groups of 10) based on guidelines of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health for the Province of Nova Scotia. Social distancing is not required as long as remain within their group of 10.
  • Patrons will have access to two dressing rooms per ice rental (one for each group of 10)
  • Players will be expected to arrive 15 before ice time and leave within 10 minutes after
  • Players will be expected to arrive dressed for ice time
  • Only one parent or guardian to accompany player into the facility
  • Stands will remain closed until further notice
  • No adult hockey for the foreseeable future. Please stay tuned for date.
  • Intermissions Café with remain closed for the foreseeable future
  • No food & beverage is to be brought into the facility
  • The lobby area will be restricted to flow through traffic only and spectators waiting for their players to finish are not permitted to wait in the lobby. The front entrance will be clearly marked as to which door is enter and which door is an exit, restricting any cross-traffic pattern where at all possible.
  • Ice rinks start and finish times will be staggered to ensure minimum patron traffic, as well as longer gaps between sessions to allow time for disinfecting processes to be followed.
  • No public skating during Phase One
  • Walking track will remain closed until further notice
  • YMCA will reopen under new COVID-19 regulations on June 15, 2020.